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Be Like Mercury - a Livejournal Playlist Community's Journal
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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
3:06 pm

Rules and Regulation

DISCLAIMER: The RIAA states that music may be downloaded on a user’s computer to preview for 24 hours. Should individuals choose to keep the files on their computers for more than that period of time, the users bear full responsibility. Be Like Mercury does not endorse the sharing of copyrighted files. This community does not accept responsibility for the actions of its members.


1. All posts in this community are friends locked and moderated. If you submit a post, please make sure it follows all guidelines listed below. If your post is rejected, you may redo it and resubmit. Do not edit your post to make it public. It will be deleted.

2. Playlists should be between 10 and 30 songs; no more, no less.

3. Your playlist should have a title that reflects the songs included and the "theme" of your playlist. I say theme loosely because playlists can be as simple as 15 catchy songs that are stuck in your head right now.

4. You are allowed, but not required to make a mix tape / CD / album cover for your playlist. It will go at the top of your post.

5. You must upload songs on the playlist individually and include a zipped file of the playlist for easy downloading access. Please use such websites as sendspace, yousendit, mediafire, and megaupload (among others) for this.

6. Do not directly link to any files (use hxxp instead of http).

7. If you take someone's playlist or any of the songs on the playlist, please comment on their entry and let them know.

8. TAGS. Utilize the tags in the following way: your username, the title of your playlist, and the genre you noted on your post. Nothing else should go in the tags. You can find a current list of tags here.

9. When asking for help putting together a playlist (ie. for songs that would fit a certain playlist), please follow the guidelines below and specify theme, genre interested in, and any songs you already have on the playlist.

If you have any questions, please ask them on this post or contact the maintainer (katshakespeare).


Format for posting:

katshakespeare (replace with your username)
Title of Playlist
Genre (ie. mixed, rock, country, rap, indie, etc.)

[Optional: Album Cover / Playlist Artwork]

TracklistingCollapse )

Playlist Name, zipped


katshakespeare (replace with your username)
Theme Requested
Genre (wanted)

I'm looking for songs to fill a playlist called / about _______.

Examples / What I have so far:
Song Name, Artist
Song Name, Artist



*Rules are subject to change at any time.
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